Devotions for week of Feb. 22

Posted on Sun, Feb 22, 2015:

Begin by praying the opening prayer. Read the assigned Psalm for the week once or twice and take a few moments to center yourself on God, relaxing and paying close attention to your breathing. Pray for yourself and others, allowing time for God to place others in your thoughts. Read the day's assigned Scripture slowly and reflectively, perhaps more than once, taking time to allow thoughts and images to form in your mind. Reflect on the Scripture, perhaps writing in your journal. Close with the week's benediction.

Opening prayer: Almighty God, who created us and whose we are, help us to number our days and to live them wisely. Give us your Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us -- to the end that the world may be a better place because we have passed through it. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Psalm 37: 1-11

Sunday: Mark 2. 18-22

Monday: Hosea 14. 1-9

Tuesday:  Micah 6. 1-8

Wednesday: Matthew 12. 22-37

Thursday: Luke 19. 11-27

Friday: Hebrews 13. 1-16

Saturday: Ephesians 2. 1-10

Benediction: My Lord, go with me into this day that I mayh show faith by my good deeds. Amen.

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